Transfer WordPress to a New Host

How to Migrate WordPress Site to a New Host or Server.

There are several reasons why a customer is deciding to transfer to a new host or server. Maybe not satisfied with the service? Or Expired hosting and looking for better options? Whatever the reason is, transferring your WordPress website to a new host is time consuming.

But you don’t have to worry, we have here a Step by step guide on how to migrate your WordPress website to a new server.

Step 1: Back Up Your Website’s Files

To backup all your files, you can use the FTP program, or using the File Manager on your cPanel.

A simple trick is to compressed all files, and then download the compressed file to your local drive, computer.

It might take several minutes to complete depending on how large the file.

Step 2: Export the WordPress Database

This is very important. You need to back up your WordPress Database. Login to the cPanel of your existing (old server or host) and go to the Databases section, and select the phpMyAdmin application.

Then, you should be able to see all the list of available databases at the left sidebar. Click the Database Name of the Website that you are trying to backup. Then, click the “Export” in the tab menu. Quick export and SQL settings would be enough for the migration. Click the Go button and the database export process will begin and a file will be downloaded to your local computer.

Now, imagine if you have more than one database. How to find out the correct database name of your website? Easy, here’s a trick.

In Step 1: Back Up Your Website’s Files – you should already have all the files. Open the folder, and look for the wp-config.php file. Open this file using Wordpad, Notepad, DreamWeaver or any editing application to view the code. Find this code: define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘start_wp1234’)

The start_wp1234 is the name of the database of your WordPress site.

Step 3: Create the WordPress Database on Your New Host Server

On this step, you will have to create a new database for your WordPress website. Login to the cPanel of your New Host Server, navigate to MySQL® Databases.

  • Create a New Database Name
  • Create a New MySQL User, and Password
  • Add this User account to the new Database and grant it All Privileges.

Don’t forget to record what you have created: MySQL database name, user and password. You will need this information later.

Step 4: Edit the wp-config.php File

Open the folder on your computer where you downloaded the files on your website. You should be able to see all files, look for wp.config.php.

Before you edit the wp.config.php file, please make a copy and save it on your computer. Please make a habit of making a backup of the file before making some changes.

Next, open the original version of the wp.config.php file and replace it with the database information you have created in Step 3.

// ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //

/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘start_wp1234’);

/** MySQL database username */
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘start_wp1234’);

/** MySQL database password */
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘yourpasswordhere’);

Note: After making the changes, Save wp-config.php and close the file,

Step 5: Import Your Database

Login to your cPanel on your new host, and then click
phpMyAdmin. At the left sidebar, select the New Database Name you have created in Step 3. After that, click the “Import” tab on the navigation menu.

In the File to Import section click the Choose File button and select the SQL file you exported previously. Un-tick the Partial Import check box, make sure the format is set to SQL and then click the Go button. The database import will now begin.

Note: You should be able to see the confirmation message once the import process is completed.

Step 6: Upload the WordPress Files to Your New Host

This step is only possible once you have added your domain to the new host. Here’s a quick step:

1. Login to the cPanel of your new host
2. Click the Addon Domains
3. It will ask for your domain name (your website)

Note: Some hosting provider will ask you to change the DNS (Domain Name Server) first before you can add your domain.

To change the DNS (Domain Name Server), you will have to login to your Domain Registrar account (this is where you have purchased the domain). It will take around 24-48 hours for the DNS changes to propagate.

To upload your WordPress website’s Files to the New Host, you can use a FTP program or using the File Manager application on your cPanel.

Please make sure that you have selected the correct path or directory folder where you want the files to be uploaded, If this is the primary site you can Upload the files to public_ HTML folder.

Depending on how large the files, it will take several minutes. Once the upload is complete, you should be able to access your WordPress website.


As long as you refer to the steps on how to transfer your website to the new host or server, you should be able to do it easily. Just do it carefully!

A piece of advise, Please make a habit of making a backup before editing or making some changes.

If you are not sure what to do, you can Hire our WordPress Expert to do this for you. Or if you have not yet decided what Hosting you are going to use, Call 888-851-0255. We Managed WordPress Hosting and offer Free WordPress Help.

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