How to stop Spam Comments in WordPress blog

Is it really possible to stop spam comments in your wordpress blog?

recaptchaBy the way, what are spam comments? A spam comment is one posted by an auto-comment-software or by an individual (doing blog commenting task to get backlinks) which automatically submits unrelated comments. And these type of comments may include links to other websites. {see image below: example of spam comments}

Here’s what I did to fight against these types of comments:

1) I have activated an option under settings – discussions: users must be registered and logged in to comment
2) I have activated the Akismet.

I have already tried using reCAPTCHA in one of my personal blogs, but still spam comments can get through, maybe because the auto-comment-software they’re using can solve captcha.

Alternative options to consider is to required user to log-in before they can submit a comment. And to completely closed or disabled the comment section. This is for sure will prevent spam comment.

I will update this blog post in a month time to see if the methods above are effective to fight against unwanted comments.


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