Guide to Choose SEO Keywords

We all know what SEO is.

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SEO, search engine optimization is the method of improving the visibility of a web page in a search engine’s “natural or organic” search results. It means that SEO helps you get traffic from search engines – but do you have what it take to compete.

Keyword research – finding the right keywords

The most important part of doing business online is to choose the right keywords – most likely finding your targeted customers. When keyword research is done properly, you will be rewarded accordingly.

These are some of the recommendations on how to choose the best SEO keywords for you website.

  • Determine what is you niche market. Make a list of relevant keywords that you think your targeted customers most likely use in searching.
  • Use a keyword research tool. There are several free SEO keyword tools available online that can help you determine the best SEO keywords and key terms for your website.
  • Test your keywords. Run a PPC (pay per click) campaign to determine how many impressions and clicks you acquire from each keyword. Evaluate the results, and it should be obvious enough which search key terms are the right keywords for your website. Well, of course you need a budget in order to run a PPC campaign, or you can also use a Google adwords coupon.

Tips and suggestions:

Mitchell Espina

Mitchell Espina, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / PPC (Google Adwords) specialist from the Philippines.

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