Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or page to be viewed in the Internet.

Choosing the Best Kind of Web Hosting

If you have a website and you want it to be visible around the world you need website to be hosted on a web server. Web Hosting is referred to as the process of running one or more websites from a certain web server. While a web host or often known as web hosting provider is a company that hosts, maintains and runs the server computer.

Web Hosting Features

There are thousands of web hosting services available in the market around the world. But even if there are numerous companies, there are still common features that can be seen.

  • Server TypeA type of web server software that runs on the server.
  • Disk SpaceThe amount of actual space available to your website for storing on the web server hard drive.
  • Monthly BandwidthA measure of website traffic available to your website.
  • Email Accountsthe number of email accounts you can have with your account.

Choosing the Best

There are different kinds in the market depending on your budget and website. Listed are some of the general kinds of web hosting and their description to help you best choose which kind best suits you.

Shared Hosting

As what the name implies your website is hosted with a server that is primarily shared with other customers while the host server will manage and monitor the server in order to make it running smoothly. It is the most affordable kind of platform available. But be sure to learn all the key features offered before actually utilizing it.

Dedicated Hosting

Unlike with Shared hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting is more sophisticated and dependable as it can handle the entire load on your site thus allowing it to function better. One unique feature is giving you access to all the resources and allowing you to use more than one website.

Managed Hosting

In this kind of hosting, it takes the Dedicated Web hosting features and adds extra services such as reporting and monitoring, load balancing, security set-up, system administration and software updates.

Co-Located Hosting

If in a manner you do not meet the quality and features offered, then it is possible to customize and build your own server and put it in a data center of a provider. It means that you will purchase a server either from Dell, Gateway or other hardware server seller and supply it to the host. One key feature is that it will allow you to access network infrastructure and data center thus making it function at its peak performance.

Free Hosting

This kind is appropriate for small businesses who do not want to have an additional expense. The obvious feature of Free Web Hosting is that the cost is absolutely free. There are several free hosts that offer quality services and often add extra features like that of paid hosting such as scripting and databases.

E-commerce Hosting

It is always a must to know what your website will be. If you are on a selling business then an E-commerce Web Hosting is definitely right for you. This kind of hosting has features that are custom-made for an electronic business thus making it easy for the owner to run it.

Regardless of the kind of hosting you choose, it is always best to learn and check first the advantages and disadvantages of each. Make a list of all the requirements you need to help you make a decision which hosting best suits your business.

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